13 Oct, 2022

2022-10-13 Release-V1.0.2

New features

Job and Schedule

QuickTable takes on the job of transforming your data by running the instructions that you set up when you made a recipe. The process of running these instructions is called a job. A job can put your data recipes into action according to a preset schedule. You can also run jobs on demand.

How to create a job?

You can find it in more actions in the recipe.

When creating a job for the first time, you need to create an output dataset first:

When you create it successfully, you can see it on the Jobs page:

How to configure the schedule?

When you want the job to run regularly, you can configure a schedule here:

Click "Create schedule", choose the job you need to run and configure the scheduling period, click the "Create", then you have created a schedule.

Where can I see the job running status and history?

You can view the running history of the Job here:

Support for SQL Server connections

QuickTable now supports SQL Server connections, you can find it on the Connections page: