27 Dec, 2023

December 27, 2023 ✨ Optimization of blog generation logic

1. Optimized the length control strategy for meta title and meta descriptions of blog. Try to ensure that meta title is less than 70 characters and the meta description is less than 160 characters.

2. Updated the setting of blog tone and applied it to the article generation process. The following are the new blog tone settings:

1. **Informative/Educational**: A tone that aims to educate the reader with facts and information. It is straightforward and focused on delivering knowledge.

2. **Professional/Formal**: A tone that establishes the writer's expertise and credibility on a subject. It is often more formal and uses industry-specific jargon.

3. **Conversational/Informal**: A friendly and casual tone that feels like a dialogue between the writer and the reader. A conversational tone resembles everyday speech and can help make complex topics more accessible. This tone uses contractions, questions, colloquialism, and may directly address the reader.

4. **Persuasive**: When the goal is to convince the reader to take a specific action, such as purchasing a product or service or adopting a viewpoint, a persuasive tone is often employed. This tone uses strong and assertive language, focuses on benefits, and often includes calls-to-action (CTAs).

5. **Inspirational/Motivational**: This tone is common in lifestyle, self-help, or motivational blogs. It aims to uplift the reader and often includes positive language and success stories that encourage optimism and action.

6. **Entertaining**: For blogs that aim to amuse their readers, such as travel, food, or hobby-related blogs, an entertaining tone filled with humor, storytelling, and vivid descriptions can be very effective.

3. Enhanced the richness of blog expression, including flexible expression addition of List, Blockquotes, and Bold forms.

4. Fixed a bug where how to and other article type do not recommend main keyword when the keyword is not filled in.

5. Optimized the speed and stability of blog generation.