18 Jan, 2024

January 18 2024 ‚ú®Website theme, post template, editor upgrade

1. Support article templates, page layouts, and website theme settings

With the new update, users can now combine the style and layout of externally published article pages through article page templates. The layout and functions within the blog homepage and article pages can be set separately as well.

Customized layout and function display

The article template provides a three-column layout that users can configure flexibly. This feature allows you to add article outlines, article sharing, and CTA functions.

Social media sharing

Supported social media sharing methods: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email

Customize global theme colors and text

Allows users to customize the color theme and text style of the website. Users can modify the theme's default color scheme, or set colors for text, background, links, descriptions, buttons and titles respectively. Users can set font sizes for headings and paragraphs at different levels.

2. Comprehensive upgrade of the editor

The article editor and block editor have been fully upgraded. Added better customization and article editing components, including Buttons, CTA, Media&Text, etc., providing more flexible configuration for users.

3. Quickly locate article paragraphs and modules

4. Support users to create blank article pages

5. Set the publishing time for article display